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Ephesus - Istanbul Excursion

Turkey boasts a large number of amazing tourist attractions, most of them were important places in the ancient world. Ephesus is one of them, this beautiful place is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the Mediterranean region and the second most widely visited place in Turkey, only after Istanbul.

Excursions Ephesus - Istanbul Not much is known about Ephesus’ origin, according to legends, Ephesus was first founded by The Amazons, a group of female warriors. According to other versions, Ephesus was second time founded by Androclus, the son of Codrus, king of Athens. However, according to historians, the first inhabitants of Ephesus were the Carians and Lelegians. Ephesus was an important Greek city and later a Roman city located on the west coast of Asia Minor near of the region of Selçuk. In the ancient word, Ephesus was also considered as one of the most important centers of travel and commerce as well as one of the greatest seaports where people from many regions met in order to make commercial transactions.

While it is true that there are only few monuments, these monuments are well preserved and show all the greatness of this city. Among the most important are included The Temple of Artemis, considered as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, The Library of Celsus, built in 115-25 AD, this was build in honor to Celsus the proconsul of Asia, Terrace Houses, these were the typical houses of wealthy Ephesians, these were characterized by its beautiful paintings that still today can be see, the Commercial Agora, it is believes that this was the center of the commerce in the past, The Commercial Agora is located next to the harbor and finally the Theater, an amazing built that was especially designed to theatrical performances. So, if you are planning to travel to Istanbul, remember there are also other important places to visit near there.

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