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Istanbul Travel Guide

Princes Islands

Without a doubt, Istanbul is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in all over the world because of it is a mixture of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, three of the greatest empires of the ancient world, and it is also filled with a large number of amazing monuments that are the remains of these three empires. Although, most of historical places are located in the city, near Istanbul, there are also important places like such as: Princes’ Islands where one can find well preserved monuments.

Full Day Princes' Islands Located about 20 Km southeast of the city in the Sea of Marmara, The Princes’ islands are also well-known tourist destinations in Istanbul, these islands are a slice of seaside heaven far from the chaos and scorching sun of the city. Most inhabitants of Istanbul refer to the Princes’ islands as “The Islands” and according to historians the islands where originally used as a places of exile especially for members of the royalty during the Byzantine Empire. However, later The Princes’ islands were used as summer homes by the residents of the city.

An interesting aspect to underline is that motorized vehicles, except service vehicles, are forbidden in the Princes’ Islands, this adds beauty, because they are some of the few places where one still breathe clean air, so if you want to explore the islands, you can do it by foot, bicycle or in beautiful horse-drawn carriages. The Princes’ Islands comprise nine beautiful islands including, Büyükada, that was the place of exile for many byzantine empresses, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kinaliada, Sedef Isla, Yassiada, that was bought by Henry Bulwer who built a mansion as a summer house, and Sivriada, currently it is deserted, it was used in the past as a prison for problematic people.

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