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Istanbul Travel Guide

Festivals in Istanbul

As in any other important city in the world, Istanbul includes a lot of interesting festivals that attract thousands of tourists each year. There are more than 100 local and international events approximately. As an example we can mention the film festivals, the jazz festivals and some holy festivals that honor the Islam as the main religion in the city. The majority of these festivals are celebrated during the summer season, while other festivals take place in other different seasons.

Although Turkey is an Asian country, the majority of its territory including Istanbul city is situated in the western part. That is why the city was considered in 2010 as the capital of the culture in Europe. In this fashion, the local authorities have lately been investing more money in realizing festivals, cultural events and traditional celebrations.

Folklore Istanbul folk festival in Istanbul

Here is a list of some of the most important festivals in Istanbul as follows:
  • Istanbul Film Festival
    This is an important festival in the city because of its popularity. People from different part of Europe and Asia visit the city in order to see the international movies. This festival was created in 1984 and since then it has obtained international recognition and support from important film associations.

  • The Hidrellez Traditional Spring Festival
    This festival is celebrated at the beginning of the spring season. The festival takes place at the national Ahirkapi Park. During the celebration, tourists can try some typical dishes and beverages that are sold in different streets. Furthermore, foreigners can enjoy traditional music.

  • International Istanbul Music Festival
    This festival is celebrated in June of each year. The celebration includes concerts of symphony orchestras, jazz and chamber music.

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