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Istanbul International Film Festival

As an important cultural city in both Asia and Europe, the city of Istanbul hosted some important and international festivals such as the International Jazz Festival, the International Mystical Music Festival and The Istanbul International Film Festival just to mention a few.

Without a doubt, the Istanbul International Film Festival is considered as one of the most important in the city because of its large number of followers from different parts of the world. In fact, thanks to this festival, the city received thousands of tourists from different parts of the world each year.

Istanbul Film Festival
Istanbul Film Festival
IKSV - Istanbul
IKSV - Istanbul

This festival was born in 1982, and it was part of the International Istanbul Festival. In 1983 the festival was named as Istanbul Film days and in 1984 the festival was considered as the most important in the cinema of Turkey and it was realized as a separate activity. Since then, this festival has been improving a lot throughout the years. In its first edition, there were only six movies but now the festival has projected thousand of films of diverse themes.

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts is a responsible not-profit organization that holds this magnificent event year by year. The films are presented in all the movie theaters around the city.

During the days of the festival, foreigners can see some important productions. There are approximately twenty categories, and more than 235 films are presented. The festival is celebrated each year in the middle of April.

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