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Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul history

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Europe; both the culture and history attract all kind of people. Istanbul is the cultural, commercial and industrial capital of Turkey. Istanbul is a unique city located between Asia and Europe; it has a great history with an unparalleled cultural wealth. Museums, beautiful churches, palaces and mosques are the legacy of the first inhabitants and the fascination of visitors.

Located between Europe and Asia, Istanbul has been the capital of three empires, desired and conquered by many people. The city is divided into three areas, the historical peninsula south of the Golden Horn and Galata neighborhood located in Europe and the New Town located in Asia. The constant disputes have created a story full of battles that has left an incomparable cultural legacy.

History of Istanbul The Crusaders

The beginnings of Istanbul were in Asia in 680 BC. In the Neolithic and Bronze Age Istanbul was coveted; Conquerors as The Megaraņos, Los Megara, the Persians and governments of Athens, Sparta and Rome are the most Important. Roma established an important government, with buildings of great importance; the Roman Emperor Constantine established the government of Constantinople, and in 330, it was converted into the second capital of the Roman Empire and cradle of the Christian Religion.

In 395 the Roman Empire was divided in two, a new era began with the Justinian emperor; it was the best time of this empire. From the beginning of V century to VII century the Arabs tried to conquer the city without success. In 1261 Constantinople was conquered for the Greeks.

In 1453 Ottoman army conquered Constantinople. The city was named Istanbul and was the third capital of Ottoman Government. In this era were built, mosques, madrassas and palaces. After the Independence in 1919, Ankara becomes the capital of turkey however Istanbul remains the commercial and cultural capital of Turkey and a big metropolitan city in Europe.

Nowadays, the city has been modernized with the construction of bridges, water systems, the use of electric light, and the introduction of trams and telephones and its population is about 13 million people. Its fantastic history and its on going economic activity are related to its location.

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