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Istanbul Travel Guide

Byzantine Istanbul

Byzantine Istanbul According to historians, the Megarians wanted to establish a colony. The city of Istanbul was founded by Byzas the Megarian in 667 BC. The first evidence of human life in Istanbul was in one of the world’s oldest cities, and dates back 300 thousand years. The Excavations that were made in Kücükcekmece Lake in Yurimburgaz, the first human evidence was in Century 6 BC. There were different cultures that inhabited caves in Europe and Asia.

These cultures were nomadic and semi-nomadic, with the past of the time the livelihood relied upon fishing, agriculture, and animal husbandry became the main activities. The first organized societies were dedicated in fishing and raising such animals as dogs, sheep, goats, oxen, and pigs.

In the same age almost in 660 BC another group of Megarians founded a city at the present-day location of Sarayburnu, the Megarian colonists. They were impressed by its height and by the fact that it was naturally protected on three sides by the sea. They noticed Chalcedon, directly across the Bosphorus from Sarayburnu. Over the years Istanbul became a coveted territory for its strategic position.

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