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Istanbul Travel Guide

The Constantinople Era

Constantinople - Istanbul Constantinople was the name for this era in honor of Constantine, the Emperor, Constantinople was de capital of the Byzantine Empire and it was one of the most influential cities of the time along with Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus or Thessalonica.

The Byzantine Empire was founded in 395, and During the Byzantine Empire, the Roman Emperor Constantine founded the city of New Rome or Constantinople Nova in his honor. The importance of Constantinople was the location, Istanbul was an important point of European control over Asian trade routes; Mediterranean and European this was the reason of several wars and conflicts

Arab armies in 674 and 678 intend to conquer the city In the middle of century, and The Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) suffered several changes and the government started to have problems. The barbarians invaded the borders and citizens started to disobey the authorities. The Turkish rule was in May 29, 1453. It was an event that shocked the European society.

This empire remained for more than a thousand years and the territorial expansion was ancient Greece, the Danubian provinces, Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine and Egypt. The art legacy and the architecture are the most important aspects from this culture. His political and diplomatic tradition was inherited to others cultures.

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