Istanbul travel guide


Istanbul Travel Guide

The Ottoman Era

Ottoman - Istanbul The Ottoman Empire began as the smallest Turkey state appeared in Asia Minor. At the beginning of 4thcentury. The Turks began their conquests wave taking vital areas of the Byzantine Empire as Nicea and Brusa, commercial plazas and strategic crossroads between East and West. Settled its capital in Brussels in 1326 and from there moved to the East.

Ottoman Empire began in 1566. In this era the Ottoman army was one of the largest and longest lasting empires of all times. At the height was in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Empire contained 29 provinces and numerous vassal states, the territory of this empire consisted since the southeast Europe, western Asia, and North Africa.

When the Suleiman death started de decline of the Ottoman Empire in 1566, the janissaries were gaining power and successive rulers exercised over a significant influence and the corruption allowed the revelation of the citizens. The final of the Ottoman Empire arrive with the World war I, the Ottomans and the Allies lost the domain of turkey. Then The Allies lost the power of turkey with Nationalists Turkeys.

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