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Istanbul is considered as one of the most important cultural and financial centers in both Asia and Europe because of its ideal strategic location. In fact, ancient empires such as the Ottoman Empire, the Latin Empire and the Roman Empire thought the same. That is why the city was the capital of the empires that we’ve mentioned before. Nowadays, Istanbul can boast of being one of the favorite’s cities to shop in the world.

Istanbul Boutiques Luxx Boutique, Istanbul

The city of Istanbul includes some of the most spectacular shopping areas in the planet. People from different parts of Europe and Asia visit the city in order to go shopping there. The Grand Bazaar, the Arasta Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar are some amazing shopping centers that tourists have to visit in the city. Even though these places have strong security , people who are visiting these hubs for the first time need to go with a professional guide to avoid being scammed.

However, people who want to buy exclusive items such as expensive jewelry, designer clothes, amazing shoes or any other fashion stuff should know that the city has a large number of boutiques which offers a big variety of things from exclusive and international brands. According by Seda Yilmaz (Chief Editor of the Elle Magazine in Turkey) the best fashion Istanbul boutiques include the following:
  • Midnight Express (90) 212-2312628
  • Butik Katia (90) 212-249-4605
  • Lastik Pabuç (90) 216-478-6101
  • Eternal Child (90) 212-293-8403
  • Pied de Poule (90) 212-245-8116
  • Building (90) 212-243-0717
  • Beymen Blender (90) 212-373-4880

To work in a boutique in Istambul it's so difficult, specially in Grand Bazaar. You must write a resume and a customer service cover letter. Some websites offer useful tips to write a professional customer service cover letters and well-written resumes to work in boutiques or other related customer service jobs.

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