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Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul Music

The music in Turkey has been influenced by many ancient referents such as the Greek Music, the Persian Music, The Balkan Music, and the Ottoman Music just to mention a few. However, the music in Turkey has been also influenced by the modern Europe and American Music. In this fashion, the Turkey’s music is an excellent combination with several great music elements. Nowadays, foreigners can enjoy some of this magnificent music when visiting the city of Istanbul.

International Istanbul Music Festival Istanbul Music

As a big part of the cultural activities that the city of Istanbul organizes each year, travelers can be part of some spectacular music festivals. These festivals are a good way to demonstrate the best music to the public. As an example we can mention the International Istanbul Music Festival and the International Jazz Festival.

In addition, tourists can attend other interesting music festivals during in the entire year such as the Sonisphere, the 10th love Festival, the Rock’n Coke Festival, the Heavy Metal Festival and the Unirock Open Air Festival. Without a doubt, the city of Istanbul is a dream city for music lovers.

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