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Istanbul Travel Guide

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Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey because of its large number of citizens and several touristic features that attract thousands of tourists each year. Historically, the city served as the capital of the most important Ancient empires due to its perfect geographic location. The principal empires that have chosen Istanbul city as a capital are: the Roman Empire from 330 until 395, the Ottoman Empire from 1453 to 1922 and the Latin empire from 1204 until 1261.

The city has an area of 5,343 sq approximately and it is located in the northwestern part of the country inside the exotic Marmara territory. In fact, the Marmara region comprehends 67,000 kilometers per square. This region is small, it is actually considered as the smallest in the entire country. It represents almost the 40% of the total Turkey population. Conveniently, the city of Istanbul has two sides that connect Europe and Asia. That is why the city is considered as the main commercial and financial center nowadays.

The city includes eight districts in its territory such as The Asian side, the Galata, The Princes’ Islands, The Western suburbs, the Golden Horn, the New City, Bosphorus and the Sultanahment-Old city. Each district has amazing characteristics that visitors can enjoy while they are visiting the city.

Istanbul is also known as the Town of the Seven Hills because it was established in a region that is full of hills. These hills are surrounded by walls that encircle the city, the size of the walls include 22 kilometers of extension. In one of these hills, it is located an important landmark that is called Topkapi Palace. The total population of the metropolitan province as of 2010 is 13 million people approximately.

Istanbul Map

Istanbul Map

Istanbul Map

Istanbul Map

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