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Aqueduct of Valens

The Valens's aqueduct or Aqueduct of the Gray Falcon is one of the most representative buildings of the Roman Empire in Istanbul or ancient Constantinople. It was important because the building was the mayor supply-system of water in the Eastern Roman capital. During the time it was restored by several ottoman sultans and now,it is one of the most important landmarks of Istanbul.

Aqueduct of Valens - Istanbul The building is located in the quarter of Fatih. The Valensís Aqueduct is between the hills where it is now the University of Istanbul and Fatih Mosque. As a long time has passed there is only a part of the original building and is 921 m. long, 50 m. shorter than before. There are several facts that are known of these buildings, but the starting date of construction is not one of them. According to some documents, the aqueduct was finished during the reign of Emperor Valens and it is well known that this magnificent expression of architecture was used to provide water to the palaces of Istanbul, the Ahilleus Bath, the Cistern and the royal gardens. During the time of the Ottoman reign the building grow more and also was repaired several times in order to the building provided more water to the city.

Nowadays, the local government takes care of the structure of the Valens's aqueduct.

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