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Istanbul City Walls

The City Walls of Istanbul are pretty popular and they measure in total almost 22 km. and are over three regions. Marmara walls are on the coastline of Marmara Sea, HaliÁ walls are close to the HaliÁ coastline and the Land Walls are in a big portion of Zeytinburnu District.

City Walls - Istanbul The first walls of Istanbul were built by the Byzantine emperor Theodosius II; they extend around 7 km, and began at Marmara shore on a marble tower and extend to the Golden Horn. Yadikule walls were built by sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, in which you can see 16 gates they also has 3 stage defense, the inner wall, outer wall and a trench.

The City Walls were always important for the society that controls the city of Istanbul, not only because of such a powerful defense mechanism but for being a structure that express pride and prestige. In time, the City Walls of Istanbul had suffered a lot of attacks and different kinds of natural disasters but it were defeated only two times during its entire history.

In this wall there are some important places such as:
  • Altin Kapi (Golden Gate), where Theodosious Iused as an entrance once he conquered a victory. It is located about one km inside from the marble tower or Mermer tower.
  • Yedikule towers (seven towers) built by Sultan Mehmet II and it had a variety of uses since each government change its purposes. It was used from jail to a treasure room.
The Walls are World Heritage of Architecture since 1980 declared by UNESCO, and there are plans of working in the restoration of this magnificent monument.

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