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Mahmut II

Mahmut II - Istanbul Mahmut II was an important sultan during the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. He was born in 1785 and died in 1839. He is remembered because of some important reforms during his period of government between 1808 and 1839, in which he changed in an extensive way the administrative, military and fiscal sectors of his country. The Sultan Mahmut II died as a consequence of a disease and then he was buried in an especial mausoleum.

As in all mausoleums the dates when they were built did not coincide with the date of dead of sultans; it is the same with the time of dead of the Sultan Mahmut II. The sultan’s mausoleum is on the corner of a graveyard surrounded by a wall with windows designed by Garabet Balian. It is an example of the empire style so the curtains in the wall of the graveyard make it look like it was a palace and not a graveyard.

Abdülhamid II had no mausoleum, so it was decided to bury him in the same mausoleum as Mahmut II. The mausoleum has an octagonal plant, and it is covered with floral reliefs, it has a diameter of 17 m, where you can reach directly Divanyolu Avenue. There is also a fountain of water built with the mausoleum, and it is next to Sultanahmet district.

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