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Sultan Ahmet III Fountain

The fountain of Sultan Ahmet III was built on a Turkish rococo structure, and it is located on a square in front of the imperial gate of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul Turkey. It was built under the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet III in the style of the tulip period. It was a place where people of the old Constantinople used to gather and also it was consider a social place.

Sultan Ahmet - Istanbul The kiosk of the fountain was built in the place where a Byzantine fountain used to be, that fountain was known as Perayton. The building reflects how the traditional ottoman design of buildings looks like. The kiosk of the fountain is square block, in the center there is a wall and each wall has a sebil semicircular, the octagonal pool in the kiosk provides water to the fountain.

Mihrab-shaped niches of the fountain are decorated with low relief with floral decoration, also each one of this niches contain a drinking fountain. In the top of each sebil there are calligraphic plates in which are written 14-lines poems dedicated to the water and to the donor, the poem is read clockwise and must be started from the northern sebil.

The fountain is a great place to visit, take a look around and enjoy it.

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