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Istanbul Mosques

The buildings dedicated to Islamic worship in Istanbul are more than 2,500 in total. Istanbul mosques come in all shapes and sizes, from recent constructions to mosques that go back to the Ottoman period. The biggest in the city is surely the Suleymaniye Mosque, but the most significant in nature is the Sultan Ahmet Mosque ( also known as the Blue Mosque for its colorful design).

The following list highlights the most important Istanbul Mosques in bolt:
  • Suleymaniye Complex – constructed in June 13, 1550 and divided into 15 sections.
  • Sehzade Complex
  • Nuruosmaniye Complex
  • The New Mosque Complex
  • Edirnekapi Mihrimah Sultan Complex
  • The Rustem Pasha Mosque – constructed by the Croatian Vizier Rustem Pasha in 1561.
  • Uskudar Mihrimah Sultan Complex
  • Damat Ibrahim Pasa Complex
  • Ahi Celebi Mosque
  • Firuz Aga Mosque
  • Sultan Ahmed Complex – known as the Blue mosque, was completed in 1616; the complex is also called the Sultanahmed district.
  • Hagia Sofia – erected across the Blue Mosque, this Historical Church was inaugurated on February 15, 360 AD.
  • Kalenderhane Mosque
  • Zeyrek Church Mosque
  • Ortakoy Mosque– located in one of the most popular areas of Bosphorus, Besiktas District. The mosque of the watery side of the pier square of Otorkoy dates back to the 1853.
  • Valide Mosque
  • Nusretiye Mosque
  • Sebsefa Hatun Mosque
  • Sokullu Mehmed Pasa Complex - located in the Kadirga neighborhood on Suterazisi Street of the Eminönü District, was erected under the order of a wife of Sokullu Mehmed Pasa, Esmahan Sultan, in 1571.
  • Yildiz Mosque
  • Zal Mahmud Pasa Mosque
  • Piyale Pasa Complex
  • Arab Mosque
  • Beylerbeyi Mosque
  • Molla Celebi Mosque
  • Fethiye Mosque
  • Dolmabahçe Mosque
  • Küçük Ayasofya Mosque
  • Mahmut Pasa Complex
  • Ayazma Mosque
  • Selimiye Mosque
  • Laleli Complex
  • Sultan Selim Complex
  • Kiliç Ali Pasa Complex
  • Fatih Complex
  • Eyup Sultan Complex – this majestic mosque is located in the center of the city.
  • Atik Ali Pasa Mosque
  • Bayezit Complex - constructed under the orders of Sultan Bayezid II in 1505, the complex gave its name to the district where it’s located.

Best Mosques in Istanbul

Sultanahmet District

Sultanahmet District

It is one of the most wonderful district in Istanbul...


It is one of the most beautiful Ottoman imperial mosques...
Sokollu Mosque

Sokollu Mosque

It was built in the 17th century for the master Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan...


It was the first mosque built after the Ottoman conquest...
Ortaköy mosque

Ortaköy mosque

It is one of the most beautiful mosques and was built by Sultan Abdülmecid...
Beyazit complex

Beyazit complex

It is scattered throughout Beyazit Square, was built by Sultan Bayezid II...

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