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Eyup Istanbul The Eyup Sultan Complex is one of the most prominent sites visited in Istanbul. Itís located in the middle of the city, and has given the name to the district where itís located.

The complex was erected on the tomb of EyŁp el-Ensari, also known asAbu Ayyub (Father Abu), who received the Prophet Mohammed for seven months in his home, when he visited Medina. Itís said that Eyub Sultan ďdid not stay away from any battle the Muslims fought from the time of Muhammad to the time of Muawiyah unless he was engaged in another battle at the same time.Ē In his last battle as he fell ill, he conveyed his soldiers to penetrate enemy territory and bury him under the wall of Constantinople, where his mosque now lays.

The complex has:
  • A mosque
  • A tomb built on an octagonal plan, covered by the dome
  • A religious school (madrasa)
  • A Turkish bath, dating to 1459, when the complex was erected.
  • Small Destiny Fountains (Kismet «esmeleri)
Due to the destruction caused by the earthquake of 1776, the Sultan Selim III (1789-1807) ordered it to be rebuilt from scratch and it was reopened on October 24, 1800 by the Sultan himself. The mosqueis decorated in an Ottoman Baroque style.

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