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Ortaköy Mosque

Ortaköy Mosque Istanbul The Ortaköy Mosque is located in one of the most popular areas of Bosphorus, the Besiktas District. The mosque is in the watery side of the pier square of Otorkoy and it dates back to the 1853. It was edified under the orders of the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Abdulmecid (1839-1861), by Nigogos Balyan.

The “Great Mecidiye Mosque,” is in the European side of Istanbul and is considered one of the most beautiful samples of Baroque architecture in Istanbul. It has undergone great changes throughout its history, receiving ground reinforcement works in 1960 for being in danger of collapsing and a complete restoration after the fire of 1984.

The mosque has:
  • A Sanctum Sanctorum (called Harim) with:

    • A square-shaped main chamber of 12.25 meter lengths
    • A middlechamber passing through the main chamber

  • A Hünkar Kasri (sultan’s summer palace) – a two-story house with elliptical stairs
  • Two minarets with only onebalcony (sherefe) each
The Ortakoy Mosque, built in the 19th century, has reached our times as the main component looking over the Bosphorus.

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