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Sokollu Mosque

Sokollu Mosque Istanbul The Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Complex, mostly known as the Sokullu Mosque was built by orders of Esmahan Sultan,one of the wives of Sultan SokulluMehmedPasa.

The Mosque created in name of the prominent Grand Vizier of the Ottoman period, is located in the Kadirga neighborhood, on SuterazisiStreet of the Eminönü District.

The complex dedicated to the GrandVizier in 1571 is composed of:
  • A mosque
  • Atheological school attached to the mosque (madrasa)
  • Adervish lodge (tekke)
It was built in and inclined slope, where the former “Aya Anastasia Church” was located on the Byzantine period. A hexagonal dome of 13 meters of diameter makes up the mosque itself. It has a 15.3 meters wide and 18.8 meters long, on a six-pier foundation covering the prayer hall of the Sokullu Mosque.

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