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Asiyan Museum

Asiyan Museum The Asiyan Museum gave its name to the street where it is located; the museum is in fact, what was once the residence of the infamous Turkish poet Tevfik Fikret. The author of the Ottoman period was born on December 26, 1867 and died on August 19, 1915.

The founder of the modern school of poetry built his own residence for his wife and son in 1906, and named it Asiyan, Persian for Home. The museum now exhibits his personal belongings, besides devoting an entire room dedicated to the also Ottoman poet Nigar Hanim, another pioneer of modern western styles that plastered her work with feminine styles.

The belongings of poet, playwright and diplomat, Abdulhak Hamit are also portrayed in the museum.

Visiting Information:
  • It opens:
    • Daily from: 9am to 4pm

  • It closes:
    • On Sundays and Mondays

  • It is located in Asiyan Yokusu, Bebek Bosphorus.
  • Phone number: (+90) 212 2636986

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