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Military Museum

Military Museum Istanbul Military Museum is one of the leading museums in the world, and not without reason. It makes sense that since the history of Turkey is mostly based in wars, the museum dedicated to 1000 years of its military history compiling the vestiges of the 500-year dreaded, loathed and respected Ottoman Warriors would turn this museum in one of the highest regarded in the world.

The museum originally established in the Church of Hagia Irene and was relocated to the building of the 1 St Army Headquarters in Harbiye, in 1950. Among its most impressive military pieces, you can find:
  • Historical guns
  • Uniforms from the various periods of the Ottoman army
  • Numerous weapons from bows and arrows to triggered guns, seals, and armors
  • The Sultan tent& swords
  • Flags - Byzantine Cavalry Flag
  • Different combat items that go from the Seljuk to the Republic period
  • The chain the Byzantines used to close the Golden Horn before the Conquest
  • The Mehter Concert
The impressive recreation of the Janissary Band (the Mehter Concert) played daily between 3 to 4 pm in the museum is probably its biggest attraction, in it, the old military band performs a surprisingly powerful musical re-creation of the traditional military band of the Ottoman Infantry Units (the Janissaries). The performance, that preceded the oncoming Ottoman army, served to impart terror in the enemies. The concert is formed by an unexpectedly arrangements of organized cacophony sounds.

Visiting information

  • It opens:

    • Daily from: 9am to 5pm

  • It closes:

    • On Mondays and Tuesdays

  • The Mehter concert starts:

    • Daily at: 3pm in English
    • Daily at: 3:30pm in Turkish

  • The museum is located in Askeri Müseve Kültür Sitesi Komutanligi, Harbiye, Istanbul, almost 8km (1/2 mile) north from Taksim along the CumhuriyetAv

  • Admission price: (Turkish Lira - TRY)

    • Standard ticket: 4 TL (About 2.25 USD)

  • Contact information:

    • Phone number: +90) 212 2332720

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