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Istanbul Travel Guide

Nightlife in Istanbul

Istanbul is a mixture of many cultures where one can find from the most ancient places like the sunken palace, The Hippodrome and Dolmabahce Palace, to the most modern buildings that have nothing to envy to the most modern cities. While it is true that Istanbul is widely known by its monuments, Istanbul is more than that because, apart from its monuments, Istanbul boasts a great nightlife with many bars, clubs, restaurants, nightclubs and others that will make your visit and unforgettable experience.Although, over time, Istanbul was not well-known by its nightlife, currently this is a key for a great Istanbul stay.

Many Istanbul places are quite animated at night with many people on the streets late into the night and of course with many fun things to do. However, when planning an evening in Istanbul, it is more important to decide where to go than what to do, because it is quite difficult to choose among the large number of fun places. A typical evening on Istanbul will involve huge amounts of food accompanied by great amounts of raki, also known as Lionís Milk mainly consumed in a Meyhaneand gazinos, traditional clubs featuring singers and dancers.

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Mosque of Istanbul

If you want a quite night, you may start your night at one of the many cafes or restaurants such as Metropolis Restaurant, Meze by lemon tree, Amedros Cafe & Restaurant, Pasazade Restaurant, Ottoman Cuisineand Matbah Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine that offers traditional Turkish recipes, after,to heat a little the night,you may go to one of the excellent bars such as: Cezayir, Hardal, DogzstarandLe Fumoir, which are placed throughout the city and those are excellent places to meet people from all over the world. Finally, to finish the night, you may go to one of the best-known clubs where you will find lots of fun; among the most important clubs in Istanbul are included Babylon, Reina, Anjeliqueand Nu Club. Istanbul also offers fun for gays, with clubs like Love Club, Tekyon Club, X-Largeand Otherside Club.

Some people could think that due to the religion they will not find certain kind of fun in the Istanbul, while it is true that Islam forbids consumption of alcohol, the religious issue is well away from the nightlife of Istanbul. So, no matter when or where you want to have fun, Istanbul always offers good places to spend an unforgettable night.

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