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Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace Istabul The Beylerbeyi Palace is one of the summer palaces found in Istanbul, located in the Asian side of the city. It possesses one of the best views of the Bosphorus strait, looking out to the European side. It is filled with gorgeous grounds and terraced gardens.

The palace started as a residence for the Anatolia General Governor and was transformed by the architects Agop Balyan and Sarkis Balyan, following the examples of the «iragan and Dolmabahce palaces. It was modeled with a new-baroque style in an Ottoman House plan during the period between 1861 and 1865. It was built under the orders of Sultan Abdulaziz.

The Beylerbeyi Palace consists of:
  • Two main floors
  • A basement that includes the kitchens and a storage
  • Three entrances
  • Six state rooms
  • Twenty-six smaller rooms
The palace is divided in two:
  • The menís section (known as Selamlik)
  • The sanctum sanctorum (known as Harem)
Visiting information:
  • It opens:
    • Daily from:9:30am to 4pm

  • It closes:
    • On Mondays & Thursdays

  • Itís located in the Cayirbasi Avenue (Cayirbasi Cad.) in the Beylerbeyi neighborhood, in Istanbul; found north of the Uskudar district, next to the 1974 intercontinental suspension bridge.

  • Admission Fee: (Turkish Lira Ė TRY)
    • Standard Price: 10 TL

  • Its contact information is:
    • Phone number: (+90)216 321 93 20

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