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Ciragan Palace

Ciragan Palace Istanbul The last Palace to be built by the royal family, the Ciragan Palace, was built on the European side of Istanbul, where a wooden sea-side mansion built by Selim III on the 19th century, lay.

The mansion along the Besiktas Mevlevi House were both torn apart to build the palace in 1871, by the architect Sarkis Balyan, following the wishes of Sultan Abdülaziz.

Spans and marble were used in an area of over 80,000 square meters, between the neighborhoods of Besiktas and Ortaköy, to build the Ciragan Palace, using the money received for reforming the water system of the city, and the creation of a new railway.

The Ciragan Palace was divided in three:
  • The sacrosanct sanctum, known as harem
  • The men’s section - for agas
The palace would later become the prison of the dethroned royal family and their last resting place after they were found dead one morning.

After the fire of 1910, where the palace was burnt down due to an electric circuit and had to go through a severe reconstruction, the palace was turned into a hotel.

The hotel is now one of the most expensive luxury lodges of the city belonging to the Kempinski chain,known as Çiragan Palace Kempinski. Its address is Ciragan Avenue (Çiragan Caddesi) 32, in the neighborhood of Besiktas - Istanbul.

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