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The Great Palace

The Great Palace Istanbul The Great Palace was a Byzantium complex that consisted of many palaces, pavilions, churches, courtyards, baths and other buildings of administration in about 25 acres in one of the ancient hills of Constantinople that nowadays represent the area between:
  • The ancient Hippodrome
  • Hagia Sophia Church
  • Sea of Marmara
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • The Blue Mosque
  • The southeast of Sultanahmet Square
The Great Palace, or Büyük Sarayin Turkish, was originally built by Constantine the Great during the 4th century AD, restored by Justinian I during the 6th century, and extended throughout the following centuries by later emperors until the 12th century, when it was abandoned due to the sack of the city between 1204 and 1261.

The archaeological studies and excavations began in the 1930's, and in 1953, one of its buildings was uncovered in what has now become the Mosaics Museum (Mozaikleri Müzesi). It displays many of the best samples of Byzantine floor mosaics since the Roman period, describing animals, mythological motifs,hunting scenes, people games, etc.

Visiting information

  • The museum opens:
    • Daily from:9am to 4:30pm

  • It closes:
    • On Mondays

  • It’s located in Arasta Çarsisi, in the district of Sultanahmet
  • Admission Fee: (Turkish Lira – TRY)
    • Standard Price: 5 TL

  • Its contact information is:
    • Phone number: (+90)212518 12 05

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