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Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi Palace is the oldest remaining palace from the Ottoman Period of Istanbul. It was the second to be built, following the one on the area of Beyazit, of which sadly nothing remains. Its construction began barely 20 years after the Conquest of Istanbul, between 1466 and 1478, in what was back then, the recently conquered capital of the new empire. The Topkapi Palace covered an area of 700 thousand square meters.

Topkapi Palace Istanbul The palace was originally known as Saray-i Cedid-I Amire, but became the Topkapi Palace during the 19th century, after one of the city wall gates. It overlooks the city from the tip of the historical peninsula at the entry of the Golden Horn, boasting one of the most beautiful views of the city, from which one can see:
  • The Bosphorus
  • The Golden Horn
  • The Two Shores
  • The MarmaraSea
After Mehmet II conquered the city, the Topkapi Palace served as main palace for nearly 600 years,until Abdulmecid built the Dolmabahce Palace as the new location for the administration of the empire. Unlike European Palaces, the Topkapi Palaceis anorganic complex that contains numerous kiosks, gardens and areas across its huge region, which back in its days, hosted around ten thousand men, between Janissaries and Viziers.

Ever since the republic time when the palace was turned into a museum in 1924, the Topkapi Palace has become one of the most attractive palace-museums of the world. The most attractive exhibition halls of the palace are:
  • 28 towers spread over the wallthat surrounds the Topkapi Palace
  • The Islamic holly relics&Chinese porcelains
  • The Sanctum Sanctorum (Harum), or the inviolable place where the royal women resided.
  • The Sultan costumes
  • Divan
  • Kitchens
  • Kiosks
    • Baghdad
    • Revan
    • Sofa
    • Mecidiye
  • Eating and resting facilitieswith a great view for visitors
Visiting information
  • The palace opens:
    • Daily from: 9:30am to 5pm

  • It closes:
    • On Tuesdays

  • Contact information:
    • Phone number: (+90)212 512 04 80

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