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Istanbul Travel Guide

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Istanbul is one of the most ancient cities where Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, three of the most important empires were mixed to form an amazing and unique culture. Istanbul is filled with a large number of tourist attractions like mosques, temples and other countless monuments and places that attract visitors from all over the world every day of the year.

If you love to take pictures, Istanbul is definitely the best place. Well, starting with the monuments; the best place to start a picture tour in Istanbul is definitely Hagia Sophia, considered a one of the most amazing building in the world, although, tripods for cameras are not permitted inside, you can take beautiful pictures from outside, the second best place is The Sunken Palace, a beautiful underground palace that served to supplied water to the palace, The Sunken Palace has a beautiful lighting that along with the huge columns make a wonderful sight, other important place is the Grand Bazaar (KapaliCarsi), the largest covered bazaar filled with all kind of souvenirs like carpets and gems.

If you like adventure, you can take the Bosphorus cruise, an amazing tour through which you will meet the beautiful Ottoman palaces like Dolmabahçe and Beylerbeyi. The Princes' islands are also good places to take pictures; here you will find people in carriages pulled by horses and many monuments. So, if you love pictures, visit Istanbul, you will not regret.

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