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Desserts with fruit and nuts

Desserts - Istanbul Istanbul is not only known because of its attractions, it is also well-known because of the delicious desserts that are made in the city. Some of the most popular are described below:
  • Baklava
    The original recipe contains 40 layers of dough that symbolized 40 days of fast. It was originally consumed by the Turkish people on Easter days.

  • Tavukgögsü
    This dessert was usually served during the Iftar, and it is also prepared after the sun down in the Ramadan. The dessert has a taste of chicken.

  • Pumpkin Dessert
    It is a very traditional dish on the Turkish culture and it is highly consumed in Istanbul. It is one of the easiest desserts and after the preparation it looks like baked apricots.

  • Künefe
    It is a dessert prepared with phyllo dough, cheese butter and milk. It is very popular in all Turkey.

  • Quince Dessert:
    It is a popular dessert that shows that when you have the proper technique of cooking because depending on how you cooked the quince the desert will be tasty or not.

  • Semolina Halva:
    Semolina or Irmik, this desert is also known because of its amazing aromatic scent.

  • Bread Dessert:
    It is another popular dessert in Istanbul, it is recommended that your try it because of its extraordinary taste.

  • Pudding with Rice(Sütlaç):
    It was the classic dessert of the Ottoman Palace. It is based on rice and is extremely tasty.

  • Circle dessert:
    Circle dessert or Halka-KerhaneTatlis, you have to try this delicious dessert because it is among the top consumed in Istanbul.
It is recommended that you try all the desserts that you can while you are in Istanbul. They are pretty tasty.

Nuts and seeds are a heart healthy snack. Almonds, in particular, have been proven as a cholesterol lowering foods.

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