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Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks - Istanbul As in many other cultures in the world, people use to drink beverages in day or at night in Istanbul; depending of the preferences they drink beverages with alcohol or without it. Drinks without alcohol are called also soft drinks and there is a variety of them in Istanbul, some of the most common are:
  • Black tea, it is drunk all day in the region, the tea is prepared with two teapots, one for the bitter preparation (at the top) and the other to dilute the preparation in water.

  • Ayran (salty yoghurt drink), it is the most popular beverage in the Turkish culture based on yoghurt.It is on the side of almost every dish.

  • Kefir, it is a traditional beverage prepared with kefir grains and milk.

  • Salgam suyu (turnip juice, spicy or mild), it is another traditional beverage of Istanbul that accompany kebabs and it is served together with raki.

  • Boza, traditional drink that is consumed in winter. Boza is also known as millet wine (served cold with cinnamon and sometimes with leblebi).

  • Sahlep, it is a hot beverage with cinnamon that is usual in winter. This beverage was popular in Europe before that coffee was known. It is extracted from the roots of wild orchids.

  • Sherbet, it is a traditional sweet soft drink beverage that is made with rose hips, cornelian cherries, rose, or licorice and spices.

  • Hosaf, it is a traditional drink that is served with meat dishes or Pilav.

  • Turkish coffee, it is a world-known drink that can be consumed bitter or sweet.

There are also some other soft drinks, such as: Mirra, Molassesand Nogay Tea.

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