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Soups - Istanbul Things are changing in the world and the culinary world is also changing, no long time before the most representative dishes of Istanbul cuisine were the baklava and kebabs but know the traditional soups (like the Beyran Corbasi) of the regions are gaining reputation and they are becoming the most popular dishes of Istanbul.

Why the Beyran Corbasi is more popular than it was before? It is because many restaurants decided not only to serve it on breakfast but also in lunches. These restaurants have a specialized chef on soups that serves a delicious tasty soup, which is based on a delicious lamb broth. The preparation of this dish is made to order, so it is special; it uses the suet, the shortening-like fat found around the kidney of a sheep, it is mixed with rice and the tender strands of lamb. Then it is served hot, the dish has a perfect rusty red color.

As Beyran Corbasi, there are other types of soups representatives of the cuisine of Istanbul; we recommend you to try them because as the one mentioned before, they might be pretty tasty and great. Some of the most representative are: Bugday asi, Yogurt «orbasi, Lahana Soup, Bademli Tavuk, DŁgŁn, Eksi Asi, Ezogelin, Balik, Iskembe, Mercimek, Mahluta, and many more.

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