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Vegetables cooked in olive oil

Vegetables Cooked - Istanbul Turkish diet is not only grains there are also vegetables on it. The vegetables are largely consumed by the population of the country; there are also many ways of cooking them. It is pretty easy to prepare the vegetables, the only thing that you have to do is take a zucchini or an egg plant, which are the most common vegetables, then slice them and add other vegetables such as: tomatoes, green peppers and onions next the olive oil. This combination of vegetables can be very tasty and replace a meal if you accompany it with a piece of bread.

As there are a lot of vegetables in Istanbul cuisine, the vegetables cooked in oil can vary depending of the types of vegetable you use, such as: fresh string beans, artichokes, celery root, eggplants, and pinto beans. And also because of the type of bread you use to eat with.

The vegetables cooked in olive oil are considered the third dish in a menu of five courses. The vegetables are placed before the dessert and after the main dish. The vegetables are served on room temperature.

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