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Istanbul Travel Guide

Restaurants in Istanbul

Due to its great culture and history, Turkey boats an amazing and very varied cuisine suitable for all tastes. Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is, perhaps, the most important center, where flavors from all regions of Turkey gather; that is why, if you want to taste the best of the typical Turkish cuisine Istanbul is definitely the best place.

Eating is an important part of Istanbullus’ life. For Istanbulites, food is much more than mere fuel because they considered that food is a celebration of a community. Over centuries, the national Turkish cuisine has suffered many changes because of the influence of the three great Empires (Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman) that inhabited this region.

Restaurant Istanbul
Restaurant Istanbul
Eating Istanbul
Eating Istanbul

Compared to other Turkish regions, the dishes served in Istanbul are better in some aspects, some of the most important are: Istanbul is where the country’s best chefs come to perfect their culinary skills and where the greatest number of cuisines are showcased. Istanbul also boasts some of them of the most luxurious and important restaurants including:

  • GaniGani: This is a beautiful restaurant very popular with locals. GaniGani boasts a great decoration that consists in low tables surrounded by kilims and cushions on the floor. GaniGani is located near of Taksim square and is opened from 10 am. To midnight (Mon- Thur). Telf: 021-224-8401. Website:

  • Haci Abdullah: This is one of the oldest restaurants in Istanbul, and famous for traditional Ottoman fare. Haci Abdullah boasts a good atmosphere, filled with traditional Turkish decorations, this restaurant offers great care. Haci Abdullah is located in Atfi, Yilmaz Caddesi 9/A, and opens daily from 11:00 am to 10:30. Telf: 0212-293-8561 Website:

  • Nature & Peace: This is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul. Nature & Peace enjoys a great acceptance in Istanbul, a city where vegetarian restaurants are hard to find. The set lunch in great value and the dinner menu includes soup and salad with any main course. As its own name says, Nature & Peace boast a comfortable and quite environment and of course great care. Nature & Peace is located in Büyük Parmakkapi Sokak No: 15/A Beyoglu and it is open 11:0 am-11:00 pm Mon-Thur-Sun, 1:00-11:30 pm Fri-Sat, Telf: 0212-252-8609, Website:

  • IskeleBalik: If you want to eat the typical Turkish seafood, IskeleBalik is definitely the best place. IskeleBalik is very popular among locals who take seat on the beautiful patio out back, under a makeshift roof, and order the anchovies, the specialty of the restaurant. IskeleBalik is placed near Karakuy Square, and it is open daily from 7:00am- midnight.

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