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Istanbul Travel Guide

The Golden Horn

The Golden Horn is the name that is referred to today, which is of Western origin, called Halic by the Turks and famous for its past and present. The Golden Horn, divides Istanbul from a natural harbor, which now receives thousands of tourists every year. For this reason, the area around the Golden Horn is full of hotels that offer a service of first class and now this place form part of the routes and the main organized tours.

Sunset Sun, sunset, dusk, sunset, night, are some of the names given to this natural process is considered a magical and romantic moment. In Turkey we have this natural phenomenon which is consideredone of the ten most beautiful in the world. This event occurs in the Golden Horn.

Golden Horn Istanbul Sunset over the Golden Horn

The Golden Horn is of historical significance because here took some historical moments, and it is part of the culture of the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, and offers a wonderful experience, transports you through the history to the Ottoman era, at the height of the Dominion of Constantine in the incomparable Constantinople until the last clashes for Turkish independence given by Turkish nationalists. The Golden Horn is a beautiful place to visit in Istanbul.

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