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Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul Theatre Festival

Istanbul is a cultural city because of its amazing events during the entire year. The city includes amazing museums and cultural hubs in different areas of the town. In addition, tourists who are visiting the city are able to attend some important festivals such as the International Mystical Music Festival, International Film Festival and the International Istanbul Theatre Festival, just to mention a few.

17th International Festival
17th International Festival
Theater Festival, Istanbul
Theater Festival, Istanbul

The International Istanbul Theatre Festival is one of the most important cultural festivals in the city because it receives thousands of international guests every two years. This festival was born in the year of 1989, and since then it has been gaining a lot of followers because of their spectacular presentations on stage. The performances are not only theatre plays; the spectators can also enjoy several performances of dance groups that offer wonderful choreographies and music.

Professionals who prepare cultural performances in the International Istanbul Theatre Festival have to pass a hard process of qualification to be part of it. The performances are presented in the month of May until the month of June. The last one, the International Istanbul Theatre Festival, was realized from May 10th until June 10th. The majority of performances are held in different theatres of the city such as the Aksanat Cultural Centre, the Atatürk Cultural Centre, the Sabancı University Performing Arts Centre and the Kenter Theatre.

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