Istanbul travel guide


Istanbul Travel Guide

Things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul has always been always a magnificent city that was chosen by many ancient empires to convert the city in their capital. In this fashion, tourists can find a large number of well-preserved constructions that tell us the importance of the city in ancient times. Without a doubt, the city of Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities in the world because travelers can do, visit and try new and spectacular things regardless of the personal interests of each one.

Definitely, the first activity that tourists have to do is to visit the principal restaurants in order to try the delicious local cuisine. There is an exquisite dish called Kebab. In addition, the seafood is another special food in the city. In fact, there is a typical drink called Raki that combines perfectly with seafood.

Things to do Istanbul
Things to do Istanbul
Fenerbace Stadium
Fenerbace Stadium

Once visitors have enjoyed the delicious cuisine, they need to visit the Topkapi Palace which has 400 years approximately. This Palace was the house of the important Ottoman sultans. This place is spectacular because it contains find valuable things such as daggers, swords, carpets, fine ceramic, royal clothes and much more.

After visiting the Topkapi Palace, tourists can find several handicrafts, handmade objects and other interesting stuff in the Grand Bazaar. This shopping area is well-known around the world because of its big variety of stores with national and international items. The area houses almost 4,000 merchants approximately. Visitors can buy gold, books, slippers, purses, silver, etc.

Visiting the Hagia Sophia is a must in Istanbul because this building is considered as sacred by all the citizens. Also known as Aya Sofya, this stunning construction is an Orthodox church that was consecrated in 537 CE. However, the church became into a mosque in 1453 by the order of Mehmed II who was the sultan of the city at that time. Several years later, this church converted in mosque suffered another transformation in 1931 when it was transformed into a beautiful Museum. Nowadays, this museum is available for tourists from Tuesday to Sunday at 9:00 AM-6:00 PM.

We have mentioned the most important things to do in Istanbul. However, there are other interesting places to visit and landmarks to know. In this fashion, tourists have to spend more than a week in Istanbul to enjoy the city and its features accurately.

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