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Victory Day

The Greek military campaign conducted between 1919 and 1922, Greece was advanced into the territory of Turkey against his revolutionary but a mismanagement with a British minister made that Greece return some of the gains in the war, and to a population exchange with Turkey by the treaty Lausanne and so the treaty recognizing the independence of the Republic of Turkey and sovereignty over eastern Thrace and Anatolia.

The Independence of Turkey was not given until October 29, 1923, with the amendment of the constitution eventually becoming a republic and with the disappearance of the Ottoman Empire. The celebrations are given from the evening before the main day with measures of student work stoppage, occupation and profession, and its characteristic the play of lights and fireworks that displays every city of Turkey celebrating another year of independence.

Military Parades Istanbul
Military Parades Istanbul

Usually in Istanbul, during the Independence Day people go to the stadiums to watch the concerts and small theatrical performances, shows, traditional dances and other activities for this date, reminding many of the anecdotes that came to live in different cities at that time. The vast majority of primary schools and high schools make presentations, where students staged performances or important parts of the war and independence.

As in every country the political entities after a glorious parade and folk give a speech to the population. In Turkey, it is common that many people put wreaths at the tomb or monument of Atatürk, especially in the capital is Ankara. On the night of the central many cities with flags traditional parades, marching bands and parades, dances and these are topped by the fireworks show.

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